Mihaela Ulieru

IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy

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Top Six "Women to Watch in Crypto and Blockchain" Technology Section: https://bcbgroup.io/insight/women-to-watch-in-crypto-blockchain/ Some of my views: https://youtu.be/fNE6a1UPn_8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0hZfXfzV24
 Interests: How to foster economic development, leverage and adopt frontier technologies to improve health, education, operations, sustainability and security. Since Garrett Camp, one of my first MSc students went on to co-found Uber, I kept advising young entrepreneurs build startups and helping their growth. My passion lies in championing emerging technologies as a scientist and business / government adviser, forging partnerships, funding alliances, and regional / global projects to successfully design, pilot and implement frontier technologies that change the ways in which we live, work, and function in our rapidly changing world.
 With a PhD in robotics from Germany, I dove into distributed intelligent systems design through a postdoctoral work in Berkeley, after which I embarked on a very successful academic career that culminated with the Canada Research Chair Award and a tenured professorship. With over 200 publications and 300 Keynotes, I began to advise governments and organizations on the adoption of emerging technologies. I’ve built major multi-stakeholder programs leading the scaling-up of operations through strategic partnerships and networks: Industrial Informatics, Future of Medicine, Self-Organizing Security, EnergyWeb, Global Manufacturing Systems, Sustainable Personal Living Technologies. I have held and hold appointments to numerous executive boards and councils of which: the Science Technology and Innovation Council of Canada; Agency for Science, Technology And Research Singapore and SimTech Manufacturing Institute; The World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Data Driven Development; IEEE-Industrial Electronics Society Board; the European Commission Future and Emerging Technologies Directorate; US-NSF. Details: http://www.theimpactinstitute.org
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